CBD Crystal Isolates are some of the purist and highest grade CBD products youcan buy, with many containing no less that 98% CBD. With it being one of the most purest forms that you buy, it can provide you with the greatest benefits. I am often asked though, “How do I begin using CBD Crystal Isolates?”. Within this article, I am going to be speaking about, just some of different ways you can use the myriad of CBD Crystal Isolates on the market today.

Dabbing or Vaping the CBD Crystals

One of the most common ways that people use the CBD Crystals is vaping them by forming an e-liquid. This can be done by heating the CBD crystals to about 60C, from there you can dissolve the crystals nicely into an e-liquid. All you need it around 200mg of pure CBD crystals to 10ml of your regular e-liquid recipe.

Baking with the CBD Crystals for Edibles and Cakes

Baking can be enjoyable at times and can also be one of the easiest way to introduce CBD to your food. Much like process of vaping and dabbing, you will have to heat the crystals. When it comes to baking though, you can simply melt butter in a pan on a low heat and then add the crystals to the mix. Stir the crystals into the butter and allow them to dissolve, this should take approximately 5mins. You have not created your very own CBD butter which you can then use for any recipe.

Adding to a Juice or Smoothie

Much like the previous 2 methods, you can heat the CBD Crystal Isolates and add the dissolved CBD Oil to your morning smoothie. This can provide you with the much needed energy to start the day, whilst ensuring that you have a tasty smoothie on the go. There are many tasty juicing and smoothie recipes, and with CBD, it can give you that extra kick in the morning.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, CBD Crystal Isolates are some of the purest forms of CBD on the market with 98% CBD. All it requires is some creativity to truly benefit and have fun. You can find a list of our CBD Crystal Isolates by clicking the link below…

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