During this weeks show we speak John Liebling from the United Patients Alliance about campaigning for the legalisation of Medical Marijuana. John also talks about the MHRA and how the industry is moving towards the legalisation of Cannabis in the U.K. Finally we touch on the recent report from the World Health Organisation and how it is impacted the industry in the UK.

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The United Patients Alliance was founded to represent the interests of these patients and to call attention to the injustice of prosecuting individuals for treating their chronic conditions with cannabis. Some of the most vulnerable members of our society face up to fourteen years in prison for consuming a medicine that is legal across North America and Europe.

Despite the wide body of clinical evidence supporting its use, the UK Government continues to deny patients a medication with a proven record of safety and efficacy. They need to recognise the well-established medical benefits of cannabis.

We believe that no one should be criminalised for trying to be well.

Being sick can be an isolating experience, especially if your medicine is illegal and only available on the black market. The United Patients Alliance is here to support patients through tough times and advocate on their behalf for safe and legal access to cannabis.

What they do…

Campaigning – They campaign for legal access to medical cannabis for patients with chronic conditions.

Advocacy – They advocate on behalf of patients, so that they can legally produce cannabis medicine or access it through a licensed and regulated system.

Education -They provide patients with information and resources that can increase their quality of life.

Community Building – They connect patients and a wider community of medical cannabis patients.

Caring – They treat all patients with the compassion they deserve.

Protecting They defend vulnerable patients from the harms of the criminal justice system.

Communicating – They listen to the stories of medical cannabis patients and communicate their experience to the public, policymakers, health professionals and the media.

Collaborating – They partner with other organisations and stakeholders to deliver effective campaigns and advocacy projects

Find out more by visiting: http://www.upalliance.org/

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