Understanding Cannabinoids and The Entourage Effect can help us to see the science and benefits of hemp. The concept of The Entourage Effect was conceived by Raphael Mechoulam, the man who first discovered THC and CBD. He suggested that cannabis compounds such as CBD work better when taken together. In other words, a proper cannabis extract should be more effective than CBD taken on its own.

What gives cannabis “character,” are the hundreds of other chemicals it contains. These include THC’s cousin cannabinoids such as cannabidiol, along with other compounds called terpenes and flavonoids.

The Entourage Effect refers to the scrum of of compounds that work together to enhance the benefits of the Cannabis plant. As I have mentioned in my previous post The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp, there are 2 main ingredients in cannabis; THC and CBD. THC is known as the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, where as the CBD offers many health benefits when using it as a dietary supplement…without any of the psychoactive effects from the THC.

There are also many other cannabinoids contained within hemp including CBDA, CBG and CBC which are also know to be healthy for our bodies. When searching for a CBD Oil, it is always worth looking at the ingredients should you want the enhance the benefits and receive “The Entourage Effect”.

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Love CBD and The Entourage Effect

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