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Maya Chander - CBD Massage and Reflexology

Maya Chandler - CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology

Maya Chandler is a holistic therapist providing CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. She has been working within the alternative healing field for over 20 years. Her practice includes Swedish massage, La Stone Massage, Lava Shells Massage, Indian head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and Shamanic Healing. She also facilitates regular Shamanic Drum circles in and around Dorset.

Essentially, her work is about being in relationship with the whole person; Drawing from her trainings in Zen Buddhism, Shamanism and Yoga, her work to maintain a place of dynamic stillness within the relational field so that each session is intimately attuned to her client’s moment-to-moment needs.

Working co-creatively and synergistically, we can thus deepen into the intelligence of the health system so that the wisdom of the body can freely choose what to prioritise, and at what pace. Whatever issue may be presenting, be-it physical or psycho-emotional; we take the journey together, embracing dimensions of body, soul and spirit.