Hemp Seeds are known to be a great source for protein, essential minerals and omega 3, 6 and 9. Therefore, Hemp Protein can be the ideal addition to your everyday smoothie. Today within this article, I am going to share the recipe I use to create a Hemp Protein: Mixed Berry Smoothie. It’s quick and easy, and takes 5 mins…

First of all, here is what you will need:

Once you have all the ingredients, its as simple as adding 1 handful of Mixed Berries, 1/2 Handful of Blueberries then adding 1 scoop of your Hemp Protein Smoothie Mix to the blender. Then you add the Pineapple Juice so that it is almost covering your frozen fruit, then cover the rest with Almond or Hemp Milk. Finally add 1 tablespoon of Greek or Vegan Yogurt and start blending.

There you have it, a tasty and quick 5 mins Hemp Protein Smoothie!

We hope you enjoy it and wish you all the best with your Optimal Health.