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CBD Infused Massage UK with Optimal Hemp

CBD Infused Massage Treatment Uk

Optimal Hemp are excited to bring to you the CBD Infused Massage Treatments with amazing massage therapists from around the Uk. Imagine a massage with the added benefits of CBD Oils to help you relax and alleviate any stress in your mind and body!

Our CBD Massage will be infused with Hemp Extract, wildcrafted Frankincense Carteri extract, Black Cumin Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. We have designed it to blend both the essential oils together with a full spectrum of cannnabinoids, in order for them to be absorbed into the skin and muscles offering a truly holistic treatment.

Select from a list of our Massage Therapists to book a Treatment near you:

Massage Therapists Offering CBD Infused Massage Uk

CBD Infused Massage Therapists UK

Antoinette Sarumi - CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology

Antoinette Sarumi

North London (Enfield), UK

Sarumi Medispa

Therapist Bio

Anna Low - School of Fine Tuning

Anna Low

Bournemouth, UK

School of Fine Tuning

Therapist Bio

Karin Douglas

Karin Douglas

Glasgow, Scotland

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio

Jeannie Tan- Sleeman

Jeannie Tan- Sleeman

Derbyshire UK

Qi Therapies

Therapist Bio

Vikki Hudson

Vicki Hudson

Southampton and Portsmouth

Natural Therapy Centre

Therapist Bio

Louise Howard - Louisa Brown holistic Therapies

Louise Howard

Ormskirk, Lancashire

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio

Maya Chander - CBD Massage and Reflexology

Maya Chandler

Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio

Emma Selby - Totally Holistic

Emma Selby

Bushey, Hertfordshire

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio

Jayne Holmes

Layland, Lancashire

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio

Nikkole Bennett - Kjarni Holistic Therapies

Nikkole Bennett

Preston, Lancashire

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio

Gregory Allen

South Yorkshire

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio

Jodie Eckford

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Holistic Therapist

Therapist Bio


I felt great after my massage and slept really really well. Thank you Antoinette.

It was wonderful! Thank you so much xx

I had the best night sleep ever, thank you for the introduction to CBD MASSAGE, I really feel the benefit. Xx

Foot Heaven! And lovely company too 

Our Massage Blended CBD Oil Consists of:

Relax and Let Go with Our CBD Citrus Release – Hemp Massage Oil. Our Sweet Lemon Blend which contains Lemon, Frankincense and Ginger will Energise and Uplift You, whilst Purifying and Toning the Skin. It contains 160mg of CBD + CBDA which is 1000mg of Full Hemp Extract Paste.

Our Massage Oil base is Hemp Seed Oil and Borage Oil. We have chosen hemp seed oil for many reasons, not just because it is a hemp product but also because of it sources of vitamin E, high in antioxidants and its great for nourishing the skin. We have also chosen to add Borage Oil as its known to be incredibly beneficial for the skin along with assisting with numerous skin conditions. It is also known to be a natural pain reliever! Both Hemp Seed and Borage Oil are known for there Anti-inflammatory qualities.

The essential oils are know for their natural healing benefits too. So this makes the massage oil a truly holistic blend with the added benefits of CBD!! Our bottle contains 160mg of CBD + CBA which is 1000mg of Full Hemp Extract Paste and comes in a 100ml Bottle!


Hemp Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Lemon, Frankincense, Ginger, Full Hemp Extract Paste.

More Information about our product:

Organic & Natural

Vegan Friendly

Made with Love

Pesticide Free

All of our products contain completely natural and organic ingredients.

Our products our all Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free and not tested on Animals

They are all made using the highest quality ingredients and are made with love.

We ensure that all products are free from any harsh chemical and pesticides.

Disclaimer: Our CBD Infused Massage is not used to treat or cure any disease. All of our Massage Therapist hold their own personal insurance in order to provide this service. If you have any questions, feel free to email using our contact page