Experience a CBD Infused Massage or Reflexologist to release any stress and tension from the mind and the body. CBD Oils and Hemp Extracts are also known to have numerous positive benefits, you only have to do your own research to discover the countless advantages for using hemp in your every day life. At Optimal Hemp, we have infused CBD Oils and Hemp Extracts with Massage and Reflexology to enhance the benefits of having the treatments alone.

We have been collaborating with Massage Therapists and Reflexologists up and down the country to bring these treatments to a location near you. You can see a list of our therapists and their locations below… (More therapists will be joining in the new year)

CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology Treatments throughout the Uk

Current Locations Available: Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton, North London, Glasgow, Westcliff, Salisbury, Cambridge and more locations coming soon…

CBD Infused Massage Treatments UkOur CBD Infused Massage: Imagine a massage with the added benefits of CBD Oils to help you relax and alleviate any stress in your mind and body!

Our CBD Massage will be infused with Hemp Extract, wildcrafted Frankincense Carteri extract, Black Cumin Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. We have designed it to blend both the essential oils together with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, in order for them to be absorbed into the skin and muscles offering a truly holistic treatment.

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CBD Infused Reflexology Treatments UkOur CBD Infused Reflexology: The treatment begins by bathing your feet in hemp bath salts, fragranced with Rose Geranium. We’ve also blended Himalayan and Magnesium salts with a little bicarbonate of soda to soften skin and added coconut oil extracted hemp avocado and hypericum oil to naturally soak away any tension.

Once you have and the time to relax and ease the tension, we will begin the reflexology treatment itself. This is where we have infused Hemp Extract, wildcrafted Frankincense Carteri extract, Black Cumin Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil.

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You can find out more about our therapists by viewing our treatment pages. You can book a treatment with our respective therapist through our website and will then arrange a time that is suitable for you. If you have any questions or comments regarding our new services, please leave them in the comments below and we wish you all the best with your Optimal Health.