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Catherine Lawson - YouForia Massage

Catherine Lawson - CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology

Catherine Lawson is a holistic therapist providing CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology in Norwich, Norfolk. For about 20 years she has been interested in Holistic, Alternative and Complimentary therapies, and in 2013 she finally got the opportunity to obtain her diploma in Acupressure Massage. At last she was able to do something she’s wanted to do for so long; to help people experience a gentle, effective way to manage, and find relief from numerous conditions.

She has experienced these conditions herself, so knows first hand how distressing it can be and the impact they can have on day to day life. Over the years she has received several different holistic therapies, all beneficial and from very good practioners, some were heavy handed and she found it uncomfortable at best, and at times painful. Her treatments do not involve the use of elbows, knees or knuckles, but instead the softer parts of her hands and arms. This ensures that the client receives a deep, gentle, effective treatment that delivers the best possible outcome without discomfort.